Your Ultimate Guide: What is WattDawg?

WattDawg is based around the singular belief that no one should ever be overpaying for electricity. Certainly, everyone would agree and share that belief, but what does that mean for WattDawg? That means we do what’s best by our customers to get them the best electricity rates. You probably think that all sounds great, but what is WattDawg?

What is WattDawg?

At a quick glance, WattDawg is a customer-centric service based all around getting families discounted electricity rates, so they can stress less about a pesky electricity bill. We focus on giving you more power to live by and are able to do so because we’ve made reliable connections with energy providers in Texas. These relationships allow us to negotiate rates better than any of our competitors. We don’t care which electricity provider you choose. All we care about is getting you the best rate and service.

How Does WattDawg Work?

The way in which WattDawg saves you money on your electricity bill is by simply taking care of everything. When you sign up for WattDawg, you join our pack, and we go to bat for you. For just $10 a month, we research and evaluate the viability of plans by deciphering all the legal mumbo jumbo and breaking it down for you so that you can make the best-informed decision. Once you’ve made a decision, we handle the tedious task of getting you signed up and make sure you continue to have the best electricity rates through daily rate monitoring. To learn more about how WattDawg work, check out our FAQ page.

Are you ready to start saving money on your electricity bill? Start by using our energy savings calculator to see what your estimated savings could be. By doing this, you’re also giving us an idea of what you’re paying and how we can help you. If you’re ready to stop overpaying for electricity, contact WattDawg today.

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