Your Ultimate Guide: What Does Your Monthly Membership Fee Get You?

When it comes to saving on electricity, you could sift through thousands of plans from hundreds of providers all by yourself, or you could just sign up for WattDawg. All it takes is a low monthly membership fee of $10, and you never overpay for electricity again. Besides big savings, here’s what all you get with your WattDawg monthly membership fee.

In-Depth Plan Research and Evaluation

When you sign up with WattDawg, we start by doing our homework to research and evaluate plans from over 100 Texas energy providers. We cut through the clutter and all the legal mumbo jumbo of the contracts to give you an honest rate. Providers will often disguise high electricity rates as great packages that promote a low rate but don’t mention all the hidden fees that cause customers to be slapped with crazy high bills.

Negotiations for the Best Electricity Rates

Once we’ve cut through all marketing ploys and found you several possible plans, we go to the providers directly to negotiate rates. Over our years of working in Texas’ deregulated energy market, we’ve formed relationships with so many providers, that we’re able to get amazingly discounted electricity rates that none of our competitors can.

Daily Rate Monitoring

After we’ve found you the best plan and gotten you enrolled, we make sure you keep having the best electricity rates through daily rate monitoring. That’s right. We continuously compare electricity rates so that you can always rest easy knowing that you have the best plan.

More Power to Live By

Lastly, the biggest thing you get with your WattDawg monthly membership fee is the peace of mind that you’ll never overpay for electricity again and that we’ll take care of absolutely everything. We handle enrolling, administering and renewing your power agreements to ensure you’re always getting the best plan. That’s how we give you and your family more power to live by.

It’s time to start saving big on your electricity bill. Before you sign up, go ahead and check out our energy savings calculator. It’ll give both you and us an idea of how we can help you save on electricity. If you’d like to know more about how WattDawg works, look through our FAQ page or contact us today with further questions.

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