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Energy Saving Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone loves the holidays and getting together with friends and family. With Thanksgiving on its way, we want to share some great energy saving tips that can help you save on electricity while you’re getting all the food ready. Keep the Oven Door Closed First and foremost on our list of Thanksgiving energy tips is […]

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Scary Smart Energy Saving Tips to Stop Your Bill from Haunting You

High electricity bills are truly more terrifying than any ghost, ghoul or monster, but don’t be scared. WattDawg is here to help you fight your fears with a few energy saving tips for October. Use Solar Outdoor Lighting Rather than having a bunch of outdoor lights that just sit there during the day and suck […]

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5 Fall Energy Saving Tips to Help You Avoid High Electricity Bills

While Texas summers are always a beating on electricity usage with having to run the air conditioning virtually nonstop, summer isn’t the only season that can result in high electricity bills. As this cooler season begins, we wanted to give everyone just a few easy energy saving tips to keep your energy bill as low […]

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