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Month: September 2018

Tu mejor aliado en energía… ¿Qué es Watt Dawg?

WattDawg está enfocado en la creencia de que nadie debe pagar más de lo debido por electricidad. Ciertamente, todos deberían estar de acuerdo y compartir esa creencia, pero: ¿Qué significa eso para WattDawg? Eso significa que hacemos lo mejor para nuestros usuarios para conseguirles la mejor tarifa de electricidad! Y claro, suena muy interesante, cierto? […]

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5 Fall Energy Saving Tips to Help You Avoid High Electricity Bills

While Texas summers are always a beating on electricity usage with having to run the air conditioning virtually nonstop, summer isn’t the only season that can result in high electricity bills. As this cooler season begins, we wanted to give everyone just a few easy energy saving tips to keep your energy bill as low […]

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Your Ultimate Guide: What is WattDawg?

WattDawg is based around the singular belief that no one should ever be overpaying for electricity. Certainly, everyone would agree and share that belief, but what does that mean for WattDawg? That means we do what’s best by our customers to get them the best electricity rates. You probably think that all sounds great, but […]

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