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Month: October 2018

Tu Guía Completa: ¿Qué Incluye Tu Membresía Cada Mes Por $10?

Cuando se trata de ahorrar en electricidad, puedes buscar entre miles de planes disponibles que ofrecen cientos de compañías de electricidad para ti; o bien, puedes registrarte en WattDawg. Todo lo que se necesita es pagar una membresía de $10 al mes y nunca más vas a pagar extra por electricidad. Además de grandes ahorros, […]

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Your Ultimate Guide: What Does Your Monthly Membership Fee Get You?

When it comes to saving on electricity, you could sift through thousands of plans from hundreds of providers all by yourself, or you could just sign up for WattDawg. All it takes is a low monthly membership fee of $10, and you never overpay for electricity again. Besides big savings, here’s what all you get […]

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Scary Smart Energy Saving Tips to Stop Your Bill from Haunting You

High electricity bills are truly more terrifying than any ghost, ghoul or monster, but don’t be scared. WattDawg is here to help you fight your fears with a few energy saving tips for October. Use Solar Outdoor Lighting Rather than having a bunch of outdoor lights that just sit there during the day and suck […]

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Breaking Down Texas’ Deregulated Electricity Market

At face value, the concept of Texas’ deregulated electricity market sounds like a good idea because consumers think providers will battle each other to offer the best electricity rates to get more customers. However, it’s quickly become a marketplace full of smoke and mirrors where providers push “great packages” that are actually full of hidden […]

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