Energy Saving Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone loves the holidays and getting together with friends and family. With Thanksgiving on its way, we want to share some great energy saving tips that can help you save on electricity while you’re getting all the food ready.

Keep the Oven Door Closed

First and foremost on our list of Thanksgiving energy tips is hands-down the most used device – the oven. While it may be tempting to open the oven and check the food, it’s best to leave the oven shut and inspect the food from the outside with the oven light. Every time you open the oven door, it can drop the temperature by 25 degrees, which means your food will not only take longer to cook, but it’ll use more electricity.

Plan Your Oven Use

It’s no surprise that your oven will be in overdrive to get everything cooked in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. If you know you’re going to be cooking multiple dishes in your oven, plan them out based on cook temperature. This way you can know that you won’t be causing the oven to drastically fluctuate temperatures. This requires a bit of planning, but you always need a good game plan when it comes to cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Try Using the Slow Cooker

For certain dishes, we would highly recommend using a slow cooker. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it also frees up oven and stove space. The real energy saving benefit to this is that with slow cookers being low wattage, ten hours of usage usually cost around 25 cents. One of the best dishes to use the slow cooker for would be the dressing.

Turn Down the Heat

Let’s get out of the kitchen for the last of our Thanksgiving energy saving tips and into the more common areas. Between your guests and the continual use of your oven and stove, your home will be quite warm, so you can turn the heat down and save some extra money on heating costs.

Everyone generally plans for the holiday season to also be the season of high electricity bills, but with these helpful energy saving tips, you should be able to save a bit on your electricity. If you want to save big on your electricity bill, sign up for WattDawg and never overpay for electricity again.

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