More Knowledge about Electricity Rates in Texas

We are here to help you and share with you the news of the open energy market in Texas so that you can use the tips in your favor in the efficient use of electricity.

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Your Ultimate Guide: What are the Advantages of WattDawg?
When it comes to getting the best electricity rates, there are just simply too many benefits to count! However, for
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Your Ultimate Guide: What Does Your Monthly Membership Fee Get You?
When it comes to saving on electricity, you could sift through thousands of plans from hundreds of providers all by
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Breaking Down Texas’ Deregulated Electricity Market
At face value, the concept of Texas’ deregulated electricity market sounds like a good idea because consumers think providers will
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Your Ultimate Guide: What is WattDawg?
WattDawg is based around the singular belief that no one should ever be overpaying for electricity. Certainly, everyone would agree
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WattDawg is Proud to Unveil a New Logo & Brand Identity
By no means are we new to the game of getting people the best electricity rates, but we do have
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