Scary Smart Energy Saving Tips to Stop Your Bill from Haunting You

High electricity bills are truly more terrifying than any ghost, ghoul or monster, but don’t be scared. WattDawg is here to help you fight your fears with a few energy saving tips for October.

Use Solar Outdoor Lighting

Rather than having a bunch of outdoor lights that just sit there during the day and suck up electricity at night, switch them out for solar powered lights. This way while they’re off during the day, they’re soaking up the free sunlight and then using that to light the outside without using any electricity. These are especially useful for walkways.

Start Using Your AC Less

Now that it’ll begin cooling down, you should start using your air conditioner less. You’d be surprised just how much you’ll save on energy when you turn your AC or heater off, even just for a few hours a day. We’re soon going to hit the sweet spot where the weather is just right for turning the system off completely and just opening a couple of windows. Be on the lookout for those days and get ready to start saving.

Use Oven Alternatives

As far as energy saving tips go, this may seem a little odd, but if you’re just using the oven for a relatively small meal, think about using an alternative device for cooking. Using the microwave to cook may sometimes get a bad rep, but it can get the job done much faster and use much less electricity. You could also use a toaster oven and get the same results you would with a full-size oven and save a lot of electricity.

Run Full Loads in Cold Water

Here’s a two for one tip to save on energy. Start only doing laundry when you have a full load, and only use cold water. Both of these energy saving tips will help you use energy more efficiently. Not to mention that cold water can help your colored clothes last much longer.

These tips are sure to help you save on energy, but if you want to really get rid of those high electricity bills, sign up for WattDawg! We’ll be in your corner and negotiate rates with providers to get you the best plan.

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