WattDawg Helps Texans Secure Consistent Low Rates As Electricity Prices Reach Record Highs

Originally Posted: https://candysdirt.com/2020/08/01/wattdawg-helps-texans-secure-consistent-low-rates-as-electricity-prices-reach-record-highs/

This year has been challenging thus far, to say the least. Add this to the 2020 tally: The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) says that electricity customers will experience record-high prices while trying to stay cool in the intense summer heat.

While ERCOT anticipates an annual spike in electricity usage for summer, recent stay-at-home orders have placed residential electricity usage at new heights. Wholesale electricity prices have spiked as well, which makes this summer different from others. Delays in natural gas and wind power supply projects and the closure of three key coal-fired power plants have put a strain on our power grid.

Combine that with people taking advantage of the current leniency on bill payments during COVID measures to keep people safe, and it all adds up to an unprecedented demand for energy during the hottest part of the year. Prices are predicted to surge up to 15 cents per kilowatt per hour or higher. (The average Texan pays about 12 cents per kWh as of June 2020. )

What Can You Do?

The best way to prepare for the spike is to lock down lower-priced contracts now. WattDawg is the energy expert that gets you the best rates each month. They handle all research, negotiations, contracts, etc. for you for only $10 per month! (In fact, they save some customers more than their annual fee of $120, each month!)

The name WattDawg was inspired by the endearing traits of the owner’s family retriever. They hope to embody all that he did for the family for their members and more. Here is how:

A Texan’s Best Friend

Strong relationships are at the heart and soul of their business. Over the years of “hunting down” great monthly electricity rates, they have cultivated reliable relationships with energy providers in Texas that enable them to get lower rates than their competitors.

They go to bat for each and every member and their personalized needs. They are specialists in negotiating deals with providers that result in straightforward savings for you. They are also specialists in creating strong relationships with their members that are rooted in trust.

Total Honesty

One of their core strengths is the fact that they take great pride in finding you an honest rate. They are seasoned professionals. They don’t fall for all of the industry’s games or gimmicks, and they don’t care what provider you pick. All they value is finding you the plan that offers the best supply, rate and type to give you a plan with true transparency and no hidden fees. They go the extra mile to translate any confusing contract language so that you can be sure you are getting the best deal for you.

Loyalty and Vigilance: WattDawg is always looking out for you.

They truly do handle all of the hassle! For just $10 per month, they take care of all of the homework from researching the best plans, to performing daily rate monitoring to ensuring you always have the lowest rate. They read all of the fine print to decipher marketing ploys that contain hidden fees or decode the confusing legal jargon buried in contracts to find the best deal for your specific needs. Their personalized approach truly sets them apart. They will do everything in their power to guarantee you are happy with their service, including offering a full money-back guarantee.

Members know that WattDawg is always watching and always has their best interest at heart.

Love: WattDawg loves their members and what they do!

Uncovering ways for families to save on electricity is their passion and has been for many years. They have a pristine reputation and are beloved by their members for making saving money monthly completely effortless (see reviews below.) They have changed member’s monthly bill struggles by using their cutting-edge analysis technology, personable relationship skills paired with complete dedication that truly shines through. They take great pride in representing your best interests when facing the daunting task of choosing the best electricity company for you.

Community Praise

WattDawg is a trusted and loved community member for helping so many people save so much money so easily. They have even been able to save some of their members the money they spend with them annually in one month!

For just $10 per month, WattDawg ensures you never overpay for electricity again. Their straightforward, proven and dependable service approach means you no longer have to stress about paying outrageously high electric bills, so let WattDawg help you overcome the next challenge 2020 has presented and keep you and your family cool this summer!

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