WattDawg Reviews

“What can I say, this company has saved me thousands of dollars now. This has been the easiest thing since sliced bread to have WattDawg change my account every renewal period. The greatest investment of $10 per month to save many mind blowing hours to get on websites to check out all the comparable rates. My mother-in-law is 91 and cannot believe how much she has been saving on her fixed income now on her bill and all of our family and peers. We thank **** and his STELLAR company WattDawg and may the Lord Bless them all. Thank you for your outstanding work and faithfulness every renewal period to get all of us the best rate. Thank you and God Bless !!!!!!!”
 – Mitchell C | 5 Stars


Best I’ve ever had, hands down. They stay on top of their game”
– JD M  | 5 Stars


WattDawg does a great job for us and has for a couple of years.”
Matt P | 5 Stars


“I am so happy that I changed to WattDawg for electric service. The rates and service are amazing and I love saving money!” 
– Mary Z | 5 Stars


“Great to have WattDawg find the best electricity rates and deals for me. The monthly $10 is nothing compared to what they save me on my electricity bill each month!”
– Edgar K | 5 Stars


“Trying to compare “apples to apples” was a pain in the @$$…THANK YOU #WattDawg for removing that concern and saving us so much money…the savings are a real aid!”
– Brett B | 5 Stars


“Signed up and it took about 3 weeks for me to be changed over to a new plan. I am now saving $120  a month on my electricity bill. I am really happy with their service and glad to be a member. The cost of a year membership I saved in one month!”
– Dylan O | 5 Stars


“I never knew I had a choice of energy providers.  It makes me sick to think of all of the money I have wasted over the years. Good Job WattDawg!”  
 – Don A | 5 Stars


“No more endless searching for a decent rate every 3 to 6 months. Thanks WattDawg!”
– Sam G | 5 Stars


“I accidentally let my contract lapse with my current energy provider, and they put me on a flex-rate (12.4 cents per kWh) Ouch! With WattDawg handling my electricity, I never have to worry about that again! Thanks guys!”
– Renee W | 5 Stars


“WattDawg has saved me alot of money and time. My monthly bills are so much lower, and I no longer have to comb through electrical prices looking for the best rate. I just leave that to WattDawg! Thank you!”

 – RJ A | 5 Stars


WattDawg is a total game changer! Thank you for saving me the time, money and the frustration of finding the best electricity rates!

-Andy R | 5 Stars


I adore not having to worry about my electricity rates! WattDawg automatically finds the best rates for me! One less thing to worry about!! 🙌

 – Kelly T | 5 Stars


I want to thank WattDawg for outstanding service on changing my service and giving  discounts been looking for over the years. This is a Blessing from heaven. I never knew how easy it would  be as a member to have my service changed at the end of a term. I would take hours trying to find the lowest rates from other companies toward the end of my service term. The first year of service have saved more than $1,000 over other providers in the past. I would like to thank Dodd and his company for outstanding impeccable service. If you can’t hang with the BIG DAWG get off the porch. Thank you for your Stellar service WattDawg!!! ➕🙏🤲👍😁

-Satisfied Customer | 5 Stars