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How do I get started?

To begin with WattDawg, visit the Sign Up! page. According to an online article from the Houston Chronicle, consumer advocates say there are 325 plans in the Houston metro area alone, and the state’s website that is designed to help consumers make the best choice is far too complex and complicated. (2015, April, Houston Chronicle,… Read more »

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When can I switch plans?

You can switch plans anytime you want, though most fixed-rate plans charge customers an early termination fee if you switch providers before your contract expires. You can find out when your contract ends by contacting your electricity provider or checking your account details online. You’re also supposed to receive a letter in the mail at… Read more »

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Are minimum usage fees normal?

By no means are they normal. Some retail electric providers’ plans charge fees for consumers who don’t use a certain amount of electricity. Others offer discounts to customers whose usage exceeds a certain level. The net effect is the same: Customers with energy usage below a certain threshold – often 800 to 1,000 kilowatt-hours per… Read more »

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