WattDawg se enorgullece de presentar un nuevo logotipo e identidad de marca

By no means are we new to the game of getting people the best electricity rates, but we do have a new logo, brand identity and website that brings to light what WattDawg is really all about.

Meet the New WattDawg – Giving You More Power to Live by

Along with the new logo, shown above, WattDawg is also aligned with a new brand identity “Giving You More Power to Live by” to accompany and complement our “Huntin’ Down Great Rates” tagline. If you want to know more about our position with this new brand identity and what we’re all about, read below:

Food. Water. Electricity. All are essential and without them, life today would be impossible. At WattDawg, we recognize this necessity and believe that no one should be overpaying for electricity. Unlike providers, we understand it’s not just currents flowing to outlets powering devices. It’s powering families. It’s keeping the monsters under your kid’s bed at bay, and it’s having family movie nights. Yeah, we save our customers money, but that’s just a bonus. For us, it’s about giving them the peace of mind that we’ve got everything taken care of, so they can enjoy life.

So, What is WattDawg?

Simply put, we’re a Texan’s best friend for electricity. From our years of huntin’ down great rates to give families more power to live by, we’ve cultivated reliable relationships with energy providers in Texas that enable us to get lower electricity rates than our competitors. We go to bat for our customers and will negotiate deals with providers that result in straightforward energy savings.

How Does WattDawg Work?

For a low, monthly cost of $10, we ensure you’re never overpaying for electricity by researching and evaluating various plans. We’re always set on doing best by you, so we’re never going to push you to choose a specific provider, and we’ll take care of everything. Whether it’s negotiating contract terms or renewing a contract, WattDawg is here to handle it all so you can stop worrying about high energy bills. Learn more about how WattDawg works and Texas’ deregulated electricity market by visiting our FAQ page.

At WattDawg, we always have your family’s best interest at heart, and we’re deeply committed to helping you never overpay for electricity again. If you’d like to start saving on electricity and stop your budget from being gouged by high electricity rates, sign up for WattDawg today. If you still need a little more convincing, then check out some of the advantages of a WattDawg membership.

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